Machine Accessories & Tools

Machine Accessories & Tools

6 PC Allen Wrench Set Tattoo Machine Tool Kit

CODE: MT-001

Wholesale price: $3.95
Quality 6 PC Allen Wrench Set Tattoo Machine Tool Kit. The set can handle almost all of the tattoo machines currently on the market.
79 points
4 points (?) 

Tattoo Machine Holder

CODE: MT-011

Wholesale price: $4.25
Made By Thick Acrylic;0.06KGS
85 points
4 points (?) 

Tattoo Tip Brush

CODE: MT-012

Wholesale price: $2.50
Made By Stainless Steel And Nylon;0.013KGS
50 points
3 points (?) 

Tattoo Machine or Instrument Cleaning Brushes with Nylon Bristles

CODE: MT-013

Wholesale price: $6.95
MILTEX Instrument Cleaning Brushes 7-1/4" (18.4cm) with Nylon Bristles. Used for cleaning hard to reach places without scratching or harming delicate... More
139 points
7 points (?) 

Armature bar adjustor

CODE: MT-031

Wholesale price: $7.95
Armature bar adjustor
159 points
8 points (?) 

Tattoo Tool Machine Adjuster

CODE: MT-032

List price: $18.99   Wholesale price: $14.55
Tattoo Tool Machine Adjuster
291 points
15 points (?) 

Armature Bar Alignment Tool

CODE: MT-034

List price: $25.00   Wholesale price: $14.99
Copper armature bar alignment tool with bult in spring adjuster. More
300 points
15 points (?) 

Tattoo Tool Machine Adjuster

CODE: MT-033

List price: $10.00   Wholesale price: $7.50
This amazing tool will pay for itself the first time you use you.. Now you can tune your machine with your eyes closed using this handy armature alignment... More
150 points
8 points (?) 

Allen Wrench

CODE: MP-114

Wholesale price: $1.75
Contents: 5 rubber bands 5 O-rings 5 grommets or nipples 3 Allen Wrenches (of different sizes) More
35 points
2 points (?)