Power Plugs


The power plug includes a housing, a plurality of contact blades, a power cable, and a control circuit unit. The housing forms an interior space, which accommodates the control circuit unit therein. The control circuit unit is electrically connected between the contact blades and the power cable. The control circuit unit includes at least a rectification circuit, a voltage regulation circuit, and a timer circuit. The plug may further include a photo-control circuit, which is accommodated in the interior space and is electrically connected to the control circuit unit. As such, besides the functions of voltage bucking and timer setting, the power plug also features photo control. The power plug has a simple construction and is easy for mass production to thereby significantly lower manufacturing costs there of.


Standard Power Plug

CODE: PP-001

Wholesale price: $3.95
Standard power plug for tattoo power supply and other power devices.
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Universal 2 Prong Power Cable

CODE: PP-002

Wholesale price: $3.95
Standard 2 prong power Cable Compatible with: Hurricane Power adapter Tattoo Power Supplies Other electronic devices... More
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Hurricane Replacement AC Adapter

CODE: PP-003

Wholesale price: $12.50
Hurricane Replacement AC Adapter For Hurricane Power supply modle HP-2 More
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Power Adapter for Artist's Choice™ LED Tattoo Tracing Pad

CODE: ST-040

Wholesale price: $9.95
This is the AC Adapter for Artist's Choice™ LED Tattoo Tracing Pad It will work for model ST-037 and ST-038. Input: AC 110V - 240V Output: DC 12V - 1A More
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